W3 Total Cache

Hey hi Dove,
Remeber this call... When we first talked .. i chanted your name.. I been feeling the charm, when calling your name...

was lagging back to write a post.

But as you know, been too busy. Infact, too tired and highly disturbed.
Dove, after all happend... i still feel greatful, knowing you in my life.
thanks a ton for being in ma life.. and taught what is real love.

I feel happy when you are happy. I used to laugh at your naughtiness. Your fingers are responsible for your naughtiness... remember these lines... that amuda song... love it alot... you only transalted the full song for me..

I feel like am fully surrounded by this sorrowful cyclone. Just cant get out of it...
The care you shown.. it is ungogettable..
I still feel the warmness in your hold...

Love you dove.. missing you for the life time.. this feeling itself kills me..
If I had another life... Sure I would give the heavens to share the life with you...

Let me watch you... let me watch you as in bride dress... watch your kids grown up... watch you become old... Watch you in heaven... Be happy always..

I wish i will lead a very happy life with your inspiration with life... Love you Dove .

Oh..  its this W3 total cache which will provide a cache at server side. And this helps a faster page loading. Very good plugin, easy installation and easy settings.