Iterate through Map + JSTL

 Iterate through the Map<String, List<Object[]>> map;
Map<String, List> map;

        //[b]Please dont use a scriptlet[/b] in your real solution ... I just did this to test it out!
        Object[] a0 = {"option01","option02","option03"};
        Object[] a1 = {"option11","option12","option13"};

        java.util.Map<String,Object[]> map = new java.util.LinkedHashMap<String, Object[]>();
        map.put("key1", a0);
        map.put("key2", a1);

              request.setAttribute("map",map); // puts the map itself in scope
        <c:forEach var="map" items="${map}">
                <c:forEach var="options" items="${map.value}">
                  <option>${options }</option>