A day without your thoughts.

If I say a day passed without your thoughts, then its a lie.
There have been not a single day, minute nor even a second without your thoughts.

But I am trying hard, very hard to wipe you... out of my thoughts.
the day has passed very hardly without seeing you, not even online.
But couldn't help myself without thinking of you, not for a part of second even.

The other day i was having this conversion myself.
Why I love you so much. Why I feel you as you are mine and my sunshine.

I know feelings are not logical and have no reason. Agree.
But there must be something logically, that make me love you so much.

Here it is:

You are Happy, Happy always.. And you make others happy.

Always shows mother's love, kids like my niece,
You are sweet like a sister, You are supportive like a brother,

You are naughty like Kothi :-), You are funny like a best friend,
You are so cute like a dove, you are so lush like the green grass.

You are an angel dove. If veda's are true, you are the sweet girl friend of the Murari, Radha.

Now tell me, who don't want a girl like you as his best mate. I am no excuse.
You are the angel of my life dove. Love you for the life time.

అందరి మనసులను చల్లగా చూసే అల్లరి దేవతవు నీవు :-)