New Saga Begins

Bye Bye Ast !!

Warm Welcome to ST.
I must say that am not as excited I was when joining Ast, but looking forward whole-heartedly.

Its been quite long since I blog.
Now at this evening, Slouching in my cushion chair at ST building, Madhapur. I thought of writing a bit update about this moments.

Y'day Vipin's B'day. Quite Happy to spend a good time with him. Cheers to you buddy. And a Very Happy Birthday. Wish you all good luck with your journey. Let forgive, forget and move on with your dreams. After all, we have one life. Spend it beautifully by loving the people. I hope your the same king. Wish you all the very best once again.

Hakuna Matata.. Its a nice and happy word. :-)

Thanks to Vipin for the Cool sendoff. Bye bye Ast, And good bye to Chennai.
Love you and Remember you for the life time.

And today... Our best buddy Chandra's birthday... Sort of Happy from the morning.
Had Warmth welcome to Hyd. I reached at right time and then came to office.
Done a programming with/on Circular Linked List for GroupOn first round. And received mail that
got shortlisted for next round.

Got a message from Ashish (PR), that shortlisted for Samsung Security Team (High paying Job) and the round starts from the next week on wards.

Chandra and me had a good breakfast at ESI ( Egg Dosa + 2 Idli :-) ). Was soothly informed to attend the birthday bash by this evening. I have to start.

Hope the journey goes exciting. And Dove you are the inspiration and a continuous remember all my life and happy thoughts.