Some Random Concepts of Java


I've gone through some random concepts of Java and got familiar with them.
Here I've added the pile of topics

- LRU cache that allows operations like put, get and remove
- Thread Pool Manager.
2. Serialization
- A simple Serializer-Deserializer
- A custom Serializer-Deserializer by implementing the writeObject and readObject methods. (Make it work for extended objects.)
- A Serializer-Deserializer using the Externalizable interface. Make it work for extended objects.
- A Serializer-Deserializer using the writeReplace and readResolve methods.
3. Sockets
- A simple client-server that receives a request and returns a response. Make the server work with multiple clients.
- A method that will insert data in multiple tables in a transaction.
5. Web Applications on PServer
        - A simple .war file and deploy on PServer. Make use of DataSources in the war.
6. FilterStreams
- Write custom Streams to encode data before writing and decoding before reading.
7. ClassLoaders
        - A custom classloader that will load classes from a list of classpaths, in reverse delegation model, if required.
8. Reflection
- A simple Proxy for a class.

All the code has been committed to the GitHub location. You can go through the details there.